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We would like to officially invite you to join our community forum of peer support for the purpose of growth & personal development.

DEN OF PRIDE is a community forum for people to positively interact and support each other.  In a world of negativity and aggression, it is imperative to provide all the positive reinforcement that can be managed.

DEN OF PRIDE was created to help people discover their true potential.  Few people are confident enough in their abilities to feel PRIDE in their accomplishments.  It is our hope that we can help people discover their full potential and grow into themselves so they might discover the life of their dreams.  This community forum is a portal to a better life.

Here you will find value added content & the support of your peers.  We are committed to bringing you valuable content from rich resources. Content from all available resources. Coaches and Thought Leaders are not our competition, they are an invaluable resource that will bring you tips, tools & techniques to help you get to where they are.  We exist to help you grow & develop into the person you were always meant to be.

In the DEN OF PRIDE, you will;

Discover your Purpose, Embrace your Passion, Harness Your Power, Feel your PRIDE.

As of June 1, 2018; Den of Pride Podcast will return.  As of May 2018, you may join us daily inside the Den of Pride FB

We are currently working on a content plan to provide more value to our community.  You will find us daily as we host daily features:

Daily FB Live begins May 2018; 

  • #SHARE over Coffee & Conversation, 10:30am Daily
  • Wednesday WOW (Words Of Wisdom), Wednesday @ Noon
  • Reflections, Friday @ Noon

You are invited to join our community forum in the DEN OF PRIDE, built to add value, through positive support & encouraging growth.

DEN OF PRIDEInspire Change! Empower Growth! Deliver Value!

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We welcome you into our Community Forum: DEN OF PRIDE!