New Dawn

Everyday is an opportunity for something new, to do things differently…a clean slate.

This holds true with the New Year as well. It is a chance to start over, do those little something’s that you always wanted to but just kept putting off: Go on a trip, Take the road less travelled, Join the gym, Lose some weight, Start a savings, Invest some money, Start a business or Get your business running right.

That is what 2019 means to me. I am going to get my venture operating at a highly profitable margin. I am going to gain the experience of profiting from business.

I must remind myself that it is ok to profit from the value you offer.

Who determines what value I offer?

You! The Marketplace. Buyers of products & services.

That suggests I must demonstrate my value to YOU!

I do have my services to offer & some products, even training yet to come. But for YOU to want to buy from me, YOU must know, like & trust me. You need to believe that I hold the value I claim to represent.

New Year gives me the opportunity to reboot once again. Not for the 1st time but I continue to do what I must until I get this right.

So I start at the Dawn of a New Year. Keep Moving Forward…2019 will be an Abundantly Amazing Year for RJ Horner & DEN OF PRIDE.


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