keep moving forward…until i get it right!

I had some comments recently from a reader that liked my work, they became a believer in what I do but somewhere along the line they say they lost that vibe, perhaps because they saw I was trying to turn this into a business. 

To any & all who join the PRIDE! Make no mistake I am doing this for the betterment of man, & by extension for myself.  I am also trying to make this a Full-Time Venture.  I want to make this what I do, day in & day out, I want to help people before they get to where I was, mentally, physically & spiritually.

I would not wish that on anyone, to be so low that there is no one there to grab you & pull you out. I was one snap away from being the guy on the corner who bums change & trying to stay warm.  That is why I do what I do, & share the messages I do.  To keep people out of the gutter, to keep them from even getting near the precipice that I was.

Should anyone question the validity of my integrity, I must ensure that I am a man who believes in the value of each individual who creates this great Universe.  Together we are better than one, but we are better together if each of us is better.

So I Keep Moving Forward.  Doing what I must, striving to become better, daily.  I am man doing what he must, that is all we can do, what we must.  Step up & do what needs doing.  That is where I get my strength, from the fact that I survive, again & again.  I get through, sometimes unscathed.  Keep going!

I cannot say that I always get it as I get it wrong often enough.  But regardless of the outcome, I can do no less than keep going.  Knowing that persistence is a major key in growing better & stronger.  

I am strong mentally, getting stronger spiritually, but now must turn my attentions o my physical being.  I am not as strong as I wish to be, with still much to grow.  If I aim to be a man who does what must be done then I must stand & deliver.  I must stand tall, stepping into the footprints that are waiting for me.  

I have built this platform to serve those who seek a better life.  I seek betterment, for myself & for others wherever possible.  I am here to aid whoever finds the way to this path.  Seek to become better.  Seek to strive to be more, do more & become.  

Keep Moving Forward, regardless of the mystery that lay before you.  Stand tall & walk the path that is laid before as you must.  you have little choice but to Keep Moving Forward trying to just get it right.

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