DOP Podcast

Our Platform: DEN OF PRIDE

Currently a blog and a FB group. What started as just a medium to deliver a message has developed into something more. It became a community of discovery, a place for people to help each other achieve their dreams. Whether they need to take their first steps of recovery, already on a path of personal development or they are deep into a journey of success. Den of Pride is a forum for like-minded individuals with an interest or desire for personal development.

Our Vision: Working together for a Better Tomorrow

As a society not only do we deserve to be as strong, powerful and vibrant as is humanly possible, it is almost our responsibility. That begins with the individual. We are only as strong as the weakest link. It should be carried forward helping others to become better and stronger; happier, healthier & wealthier.
Everyone deserves to possess the power of PRIDE that comes from a confidence in one’s abilities and the belief that nothing is impossible. Working to help our fellow man become the best they can possibly be improves our overall strength and position. Me, helping you, for you to help others is our goal in the Den of Pride…Better World, Better You, Better You.

Our Mission: Inspire Change; Encourage Growth; Deliver Value

It is not only our right but our responsibility to e all that we can be. People wonder why life treat them as it does. They wonder why they are stuck in this life, under stressful conditions. Life is what you make it. We believe in inspiring others to achieve their dreams. We offer a safe, comfortable place to learn and grow as individuals so that our society becomes stronger and more successful.

Our values: We promote a healthy respect for individual rights

Responsibility                     Integrity                     Accountability                     Respect
Compassion                        Generosity                  Leadership                           Integrity
Strength                              Authenticity                Growth                                 Development

Den of Pride helps others to develop a strength of character. Healthy values and traits create respectful individuals who exude those values in all areas of life. In this way, we create a happier, healthier and wealthier world.
Our Why: To make the world happier, healthier & wealthier

Many of us, though we don’t know it or won’t admit it, are unsatisfied with the life we lead. Life is what you make it, yet most don’t realize that, so we don’t make much of it. Life can be anything you want it to be. It can be joyful and pleasant, it can be great, fantastic and amazing; or it can be sad, depressing, frustrating and downright horrible. That all depends on how you accept it into your life, and what you put into it.

In the Den of Pride, we will educate and inspire, motivate and empower others to become more, to do more, achieve more and to be more as they reach for the stars. We instill confidence in our followers by consistently bringing them content that will empower and motivate them to take their dreams another step.

We provide a safe, positive and encouraging environment for individual personal development where we can reach the masses on a larger scale. We can change the world by creating PRIDE in everyone.

Too many of us are oppressed by unseen or unnecessary forces. We allow outside influences to keep us from being shining beacons of light. Each of us has the power within us to be a strong force capable of changing the world. Many of those same people are held in check by those we would call supporters (friends, family, authority figures).

DOP PODCAST is an extension of the Den of Pride forum. It will focus on bringing guests to into peoples living rooms, or rather their cars. These are leaders, coaches and influencers, authors and speakers who will offer up their tales and toils of what it takes to achieve. Our guests will enforce the possibility of being more and inspire a passionate desire to succeed. They will bring our audience face to face with the tools they can use to become more.

Do you fit into that model?
• Are you one of those;
o leaders or influencers
o speakers or authors
• Can you add value by;
o Sharing your message
o Offering Tools and Techniques for success
• Do you have;
o Life experience
o Courses, Books, Support Groups or Programs
Can you create or mold your message toward adding value to others?
• You may not be a leader or influencer.
• You may not be an expert in any field.
• You may have a desire to help others.
• You may have lived through hardships and strife.
How can you offer value?
• Yourself;
o Your Story,
o Your Life experience,
o Have you survived & how?
• Tips, Tools & Techniques
• Groups, Programs, Books, Manuals
• Webinars, Seminars, Summits, Retreats

Any individual regardless of whether you can add value or have a story to tell; deliver your message in the Den of Pride.

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