DEN OF PRIDE 2.0; Coming Soon.

Only 1 month away: June 1, 2018

Our platform DEN OF PRIDE has been growing over the last year.  We have been working on how best to serve the community.  Our podcast started almost 1 year ago.  Quickly overwhelmed, the podcast did not survive.

Rather than quit, as was my normal practice.  “I failed, that’s it.  I quit!”  This time I ensured that this program would return.  I felt the value in this program & I spent a lot of time making it work.  What would work, how do I make it work, how do I best serve this community.

I found that engagement was the best practice.  By getting out there and being visible, you can increase your engagement to help those people who need it most.  By just being there and aiding people with what is needed most, you are reaching your audience.

I have spent considerable time engaging, while building up the community, our programs & features.


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What you can expect in the DEN OF PRIDE:

  • Online FB Community (entry, engagement forum)
    • FB Live
      • DOP Guests
      • Mentors
      • #SHARE
      • Expert Panels
  • Podcast DEN OF PRIDE, 2.0
    • Guest interviews,
    • Thought leaders,
    • PD experts
    • Expert Panels
  • Audio & Video Lessons/Commentary
    • Personal Findings & commentary by RJ Horner & Experts
  • Journey Of Men
    • Access to Programs from Industry Experts
    • Document the Journey Of Men
    • Documentary offered to our audience.
    • Proof of Concept for programs/courses
  • Monthly Mentors
    • Webinars
    • 1-on-1 Coaching
    • Clients Choose their Monthly Mentors
    • Up to 3 Mentors for up to 3 months.

“I shall return.”  ˜  General Douglas McArthur (Korean War)

Coming Soon:  DEN OF PRIDE; 2.0

JUNE 1, 2018,

Join the PRIDE!

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