SHOW NOTES – Kay Sanders (Ep. 008)

0:00 – Intro Music

0:26 – Affirmation:

“I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. I will hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny.” 

  • Og Mandio, The Greatest Salesman in the World.

1:00 – Intro to Kay

  • Thought leader on social media
  • Creator of possibilities
  • Intuitive Business Coach
  • Best selling author
  • Author: Mindset Magic and 365 Days of Inspiration

1:37 – Discussions about Pride

  • Is Pride a sin?
  • You need to be proud of what you do.
  • Step into who we are and move forward
  • Allows you to help other people
  • What Does Pride mean to you?
  • “Looking back overall of the things I have accomplished, I can say I love who I have become based on the things I’ve been through”
  • Anything is possible
  • Strive for more.
  • Be proud of what you’ve been through, and who you are no matter where you are in life.
  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • “Things didn’t happen to me, it happened for me. Allowed me to become a better person”
  • Be proud of who you are.
  • Create the life I’m living by moving forward.
  • “I am excited about who I will become in the future”

7: 09 – What are you most proud of?

  • Everything that I’ve been through and accomplished.
  • Kept fighting despite everything that has happened to her. Found a way to make her life better.
  • Not resisting what the universe had in store for her.
  • “As long as I can impact one person, it’s made my day”
  • “If you believe in yourself anything is possible”

12:54 – Journey of growth

  • Speedy process of learning her gifts: Spiritual awakening and discovering she’s an empath.
  • Don’t resist your gifts. Don’t reject things you’re not familiar with.
  • Be who you are. Don’t resist who you are within.
  • Don’t doubt your self worth.
  • Allow yourself to let go of control. Surrender to what is happening.
  • Let things fall into place.
  • Open and step through the door
  • Every day you grow into a new person.
  • You’re never the same person, you’re always growing. Don’t go back.
  • Ask for help. Look for mentors
  • Even if you feel uneasy, learn to trust yourself, and step forward.

19:16 – Building success

  • Allow yourself to wear multiple hats.
  • Don’t sabotage your own success.
  • Monkey mind: self-sabotage. Stops you in your tracks. Try to ignore it. Step back and asses.
  • Mindset is what stops people from doing what they are meant to do. Illusions that keep you in your comfort zone.
  • Ego mind keeps you safe, and success is scary. Ask yourself: What’s the higher truth?
  • “Like new shoes they’re uncomfortable at first, but you have to walk in them a bit to get used to them.”
  • Celebrate how far you’ve come.
  • Teach your ego mind that the unknown can be safe.
  • “Success is an inside job. 90% inner mindset work. 10% is action.”
  • Build the foundation before you build the building. You have to get started somewhere.
  • Act in alignment with who you are and what you want to create, and your purpose.
  • believe in your success. Imagine and visualize success. And then take aligned action.
  • Law of attraction: You attract what you vibrate on.
  • Purpose doesn’t always come easy, and it can shift.
  • Figure out what your mission is.
  • We are meant to make a difference. Figure out how it might be packaged later.
  • Make the decision to become a different person, and don’t resist.
  • Interaction is important.

30:39 –  Building and improving your mindset

  • Deciding that you want to be and do more.
  • Whatever you don’t like that’s around you, look inside of yourself first. Do you value yourself? Do you take care of yourself?
  • Everything that happens in your life is your responsibility
  • Whether or not you take an action. It’s always been your choice.
  • Everyday you have a clean slate. What happened yesterday doesn’t matter, just move forward.
  • Try to always make better choices. Learn from mistakes and move on.
  • Keep moving forwards.
  • Ask yourself hard questions and give yourself genuine answers.
  • Don’t avoid self analysis. It will help you grow.
  • Be honest with yourself. Take responsibility
  • Don’t resist getting to the point where you have to make a choice. You’re going to have to realize the consequences of your choice.
  • You can always get back on your path. You always have a choice.
  • Tune into your heart. What feels good?
  • Your inner guidance knows what’s best for you. It wants to embrace itself and wants you to become a better person. Feel what’s going on inside.
  • Go into your true self.
  • Use what you learned yesterday and make things better.

41:05 – Messages of Inspiration

  • Can help you answer questions that you need answered
  • Powerful quotes and wise advice
  • People can take something out of it for their life.
  • Written in 45 days.
  • Her own messages that came to her from the universe. All original, and not copied.
  • Tool for guidance

45:05 – How Kay adds value

  • Speaking and creating videos on social media.
  • Launching her own show on July 10th: Abundantly Successful Show
  • Conscious entrepreneurs who want to share their passion with their customers.
  • Assists clients with their Spirituality and mindfulness
  • YouTube videos: how-to videos and messages. 
  • Engage with audience.
  • Show people that so much more is possible.
  • Belief in collaboration: you can’t do it all on their own. There’s no such thing as competition.
  • We are all here to provide value.

50:04 – Kay’s Coaching Services

  • 1 on 1 coaching. 3 month, 6 months 9 months and a year, or single service. 
  • 2-hour strategic planning service. 
  • Akashik record reading. What is your purpose in life, core message. Souls library of all your lifetimes. Ask any questions about your purpose.

55:13 – Final words

  • Anything is possible
  • Success is always in the cards.
  • Focus on mindset.
  • Embody who you really are.
  • You can have anything that you want if you allow it.
  • You are divine.
  • Stop resisting.
  • Everything is a journey. It might be hard work, and things take time.
  • Find support.

59:50 – Where can you find Kay?





1:00:47 – Outro

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