Coming Soon! Den of Pride 2.0

Den of Pride will be returning, better than ever!

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After a much needed hiatus, Den of Pride will be back.

Blog/Vlog, Podcast and Community Forum after undergoing improvements, will return soon.

When?  June 2018



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Why?  We believe that it is our duty to improve both as individuals and as a society.  it is our mission to help people build confidence so they may achieve their dreams.

How?  Interviews, Recorded and Live Forum Discussions and Video Lessons on…

  • Personal Development,
  • PRIDE & Confidence,
  • Better Living

RJ Horner, Host of the Den of Pride podcast will be conducting interviews as of April 2018.  Are you interested in being a guest & sharing your story?  We want to hear from you; email below…

Interview Requests:  Email –

What are you proud of?  Tell us!

We will be holding discussions with industry leaders from all fields and all walks of life, with many specialties that you may find useful.  We are also interested in interviewing John & Jane Doe.  We want to talk with everyone who has overcome battles, general public and experts alike.

Pride and confidence come from living life.  We want to talk to you, about life, living and the PRIDE you feel at having overcome adversity.

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Some things we must accept as fact:

  1. Failures will happen.
  2. Adversity is our friend.
  3. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.
  4. We have a responsibility to maintain our response ability.
  5. We are responsible for almost everything in life that happens to us.

Let’s talk.  Let’s have conversations in the Den of Pride.


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Let the conversations begin!

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Life’s a journey!  Join us!

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