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DEN OF PRIDE was created to help people discover their true potential.  Few people are confident enough in their abilities to feel PRIDE in their accomplishments.  It is our hope that we can help people discover their full potential and grow into themselves so they might discover the life of their dreams.  This community forum is a portal to a better life.

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You are invited to join our community forum in the DEN OF PRIDE, built to add value, through positive support & encouraging growth.

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Den of Pride will be returning, better than ever!

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After a much needed hiatus, Den of Pride will be back.

Blog/Vlog, Podcast and Community Forum after undergoing improvements, will return soon.

When?  June 2018



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Why?  We believe that it is our duty to improve both as individuals and as a society.  it is our mission to help people build confidence so they may achieve their dreams.

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What are you proud of?  Tell us!

We will be holding discussions with industry leaders from all fields and all walks of life, with many specialties that you may find useful.  We are also interested in interviewing John & Jane Doe.  We want to talk with everyone who has overcome battles, general public and experts alike.

Pride and confidence come from living life.  We want to talk to you, about life, living and the PRIDE you feel at having overcome adversity.

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Some things we must accept as fact:

  1. Failures will happen.
  2. Adversity is our friend.
  3. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it.
  4. We have a responsibility to maintain our response ability.
  5. We are responsible for almost everything in life that happens to us.

Let’s talk.  Let’s have conversations in the Den of Pride.


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HELP ME! The two most powerful words


Used together these are two of the most powerful words in the English language. If you find yourself in a position where you need to use them these words will get you what you need. These two words when uttered together will change your life. They will bring about change on such a grand scale that you could not measure its results. These simple two words will take away much of the pain you are experiencing. These two short words will bring the world to your door, carrying their tools willing to create a foundation to help you build up your dreams.
That’s why you would dare to say them out loud in the first place. You are in a place you would have never experienced before. You are in the worst place of your life, someplace that many can never imagine, and most would never wish to be. You are alone, failing and falling, there is no one you can turn to, or so it seems. This is the place and the time to ask for HELP, if ever there was one. YOU NEED HELP!

Look up, just for a moment. You will see the faces of those who will help you out of the depths in which you find yourself. You see, right now you have dug yourself into a ditch that is unrecoverable (alone). You cannot see any way out of this hole, but there is. Even if you have chased everyone in your life away there are people, maybe even near you right now, that will help you, if you are not too afraid or too obstinate to use those powerful words.
If you are anything like me, you have been told for a considerable amount of time, that you need help.
“You are angry.”; “You are chasing everyone away.”; “You are hurting those closest to you.”
These are but a few, such words may be making you feel horrible and worthless. These are the signs that life as you know it is coming to a head. Life is about to get a whole lot worse. This is what I call the ‘safety net’. This is what you hear and feel before you hit rock-bottom, a place that none of us wish to find ourselves. I was very fortunate enough to fall upon my ‘safety net’.
Have you ever fallen upon a safety net? Do you now the feeling of relief and absolute gratitude, that things are not as bad as they most certainly could have been. Imagine what would have happened if that safety net was not there.
I was relieved, thankful and grateful that I could now look up at what I had done, knowing that I could do something to correct it and find my way out of this place I had created. I knew that now, it was up to me to make amends for the distrust and disdain that I was responsible for. Did you hear that, “I was responsible!” You are responsible for every action that takes place in your life. Only You!
Only you can possibly seek the help you need, and yet often you don’t know what help you need, or why. Sometimes you don’t even know that you do need help. Other times, you know you need help and don’t believe you should ask for it. Worst of all you know you need help, you might even know the help you need, yet you don’t know who to ask or where to turn. I have been here before, so I know this dilemma intimately.
It is very fortunate that at the time here in Canada, when we annually acknowledge mental health awareness, I am reading a book that teaches you that you are not your mind; The Power of NOW, by Eckhart Tolle. The knowledge found in it’s pages has been a long time coming and I could have used it years ago. The fact remains though, that I would not have been receptive to the information because my mind was still in control. It does not have control today, and I will demonstrate why that is. It has been 5 years since I did the one thing that I was previously unable to do. I took a stand and said the two words that are so difficult to leave the lips of a human being. Words that someone dealing with mental health issues might not have been able to utter.
We have an even bigger challenge to our salvation at a time when we need it most. If we are in an ailing state of mind, one where we are forced to prostrate ourselves enough that we may dare to utter these words, nothing should stand in our way. We are in a delicate place because the longer we hesitate, the worse our circumstances become. We have little time to spare, so if we do find those that are willing to help us there is no time to waste.
There should be no debate that this is what we need, and this is the time and place to turn and ask for help. Knowing that, it is just a jump forward because like I said, this is the move that can change your life. Now is the time to act. So, if we have other challenges at this point then we have little hope of survival.
We know what we need in our lives right now. We might even know where to turn, there are people standing by to assist, ready to help us rebuild our lives from the ground up, a helping hand, out of the hole we have dug ourselves into. This is the time for action. Here! Now! Today!
What could possibly hold me up now?
Once you arrive at this point, the point of knowing what you need, and what you need is available to you, then you are the only obstacle standing in your way.
But you want help right, you have decided that, haven’t you?
You have decided that, but your ego has not!
Believe it our not your ego is separate from you. Your mind is not you, it is a tool to be used by you. Yet we know it is powerful beyond measure. How can we compete with that? It is your mind that is telling you that what you need to do is to stay the same. “Do not change me! I am perfect exactly as I am. Why do you want to change perfection?” If this powerful force is telling you that you should stay just where you are, doing just what you are doing, living this same dreadful life that is causing you so much pain, because you are perfect, how do you change that? How can you fight your mind?
Whether you realize it or not, you are not your mind. You can separate yourself from this tool that was only intended for you to be a strong force in your own right. You were meant to be a force to be reckoned with, by utilizing this mind as a CPU, not as the controlling factor. It should not be allowed to control you, but it should be possible for you to use the mind to achieve all your dreams, desires…and demands.
You control the mind, not the other way around. This is a fact, but most of us cannot see it. It is an illusion to our being. It remains hidden from us because our ego takes control at a very early age. It tells you what it wants, what it wants you to be, it wants you to do. It tells you what to do and how to behave. It controls your being. It does so because you allow it.
You allow your mind to take control of your being. You are a human being. That being controls everything. One of the first things I was told by my counsellor when I made the decision to ask for help was, “You need to take back the control.” At the time I did not have a deep enough understanding of what she was saying to me, except that I needed to control my behaviour. I did not know at that time that the ego was in control, as I do now.
Your ego really keeps you in the way of your optimum health & wellness. Your ego is your enemy in this and your ego is a part of you, but it is not you, you can control it. You must learn to control it if you are going to achieve this state of health. You must take control at least one area if you are going to make the powerful statement that is the basis of your recovery.
I am not sure how hard this is for women, but I do know that both men and women struggle with being able to ask for help. Male ego entrenches itself on a very deep level. It is what we refer to as the male bravado, or being macho. We believe that we are superior beings (to absolutely everyone else and every being) on the planet. We are supposed to own our being. But by being, there is no charge, there is just doing, living it as it is, in the moment.
This is what we forget from an early age as the ego takes control. We no longer have control of who we are. That control is taken over by the inner psyche that wants everything to just stay the same. Let just for a moment give you a basic secret of life, it cannot and does not stay the same. Because every atom is constantly in vibration, they are constantly revolving & evolving. Knowing that, could you not find that information useful, thus find it within your power to take control.
You must learn to go with the flow. Take life as it comes without interference from you. That is a hard concept to accept. It is a hard place to achieve for someone who is so bull-headed. I will tell you with absolute certainty that I was stubborn. Quite likely you are too. I was unwilling to accept many facts because I had my own internal beliefs. Those beliefs were not necessarily real, but my mind (ego) believed they were, or rather they told me they were. The ego was in control.
So, you need to be able on some level to start telling your ego what to do and what is real for you. This is the only way you will stand any hope of gaining control of your being. You must humble yourself, before others, but most of all it is your being that you must be humble for. You must drop your guard and forget these stubborn inferences that the ego is telling you. Shout out loud if you must (yes, this helps) the words, “I will not live this way anymore. I am in charge.”
Then and only then can you utter those vital words that are so dreaded to you now. Those words are so hateful to you because they are hateful to your ego. But if you do even one thing, it is to realize that your ego is not you, it is separate from you, then you can realize that you can take control slowly and consistently over time. Taking control of that ego by telling it, “You are not going to control me anymore.” Just so you can utter those words that you so desperately need to say.
This starts with just one step, if you take it, one day you will be whole again. You will be open enough to receive knowledge that today you would consider to be ridiculous or outrageous. The knowledge I have acquired since uttering those powerful, yet humbling words just 5 years ago cannot even compare to the things I have learned in my 40 years prior to taking this vital step.
I am RJ Horner! I know who I am! I know where I am going! I know what I am doing to get there!
I know me. I have found me. That is what I want for every other human being of this Universe. Whether you are unhappy, angry or not, most of us are unsatisfied with something in their lives. It is my mission & purpose to help as many as I can to find satisfaction, by living the life of their dreams
I do this by helping others find their PURPOSE, so they can embrace their PASSION, that they might harness their POWER, so they can develop their PRIDE.
RJ Horner

“I am good enough!” NLP Techniques changed my life forever!

My growth is never-ending.  I will continue to grow and learn, not stopping as long as I shall be able.  Life doesn’t stop so why should I?

I continue to absorb knowledge at an amazing rate, almost like a sponge.  I try to focus what I learn but I take knowledge as it comes.  I read whenever possible.  I listen to audiobooks and podcasts for the valuable information they provide.  I take courses and attend webinars and seminars.

This latest seminar I have attended; DESIGNING YOUR DESTINY was vital for my growth.  Prior to this seminar I had vowed that I would, “Turn my hand over to the Universe.”  I had no idea at the time that I would sign-up for their advanced training program, because I never do stuff like that.  I always pass, not taking action on such a waste of money.  My word, or resolution for 2017 was “Action”.  Well, I took action.

I say this course is advanced because this is the training that those influencers you follow most closely, whom you trust in their advice and guidance, would have received.  This is the training taken by such personalities as Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, just to name a few.

If you want to know how to help yourself and others through the challenges we all face then this is the training that will offer the most value.    I am preparing myself for this exciting program.

Curious as to what this training is?  I know I was!  Now I know what I am in for.  From this training I will have the influence and the skills to help people achieve their dreams by removing the blockages that keep them from achieving success.  I can attest to the removal of blockage.  In one session with a guided exercise from a master trainer, I was able to remove my biggest blockage.

Prior to this exercise, I always felt that I was not capable and that I was not good enough…for anything.  I always felt that I was a failure and couldn’t do anything right.  In this one treatment, we did a group exercise to remove the one main blockage we have, they call it the “UN”  Mine was of course that I was unworthy; not good enough.

In this exercise you perform a ritual that helps you dissolve that blockage and install a new (opposite) programming that is more supportive.  As I mentioned, my “UN” was; “not good enough”.  After perform this technique I could instantly feel that something was different.

Now I truly believe in my deepest core that I felt different.  Now I do not even allow that thought to enter my psyche.  “I am good enough!”  This is my new supportive belief and I do not waver from it.  I know this to be true and knowing this there is nothing to stop me.  I am slowly getting out of my own way.

So, now are you curious?

This elite training is called; NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming.

  • You learn about the mind and the internal working of the mind so that you can affect outcomes in the conscious mind by accessing what lies beneath in the unconscious mind.  Not only do you affect your own personal outcomes because you can self-perform these techniques, but you can utilize them with others to help them remove the blockages as well.

I am excited to announce that I am taking this training, I still must pay for it “In-Full” before I can take the class but I was given all of the program resources and have already begun my studies.

I had already decided that my career as a Writer, Speaker, Educator and Entrepreneur would require me to become a certified coach.  At the end of this coach I will be empowered to help others, not just in spirit, but as a fully certified with a designation as an NLP Practitioner.

I have visualized myself having this course “Paid-In-Full” by September 2018, allowing me to attend the week-long training session at that time.  I have visualized it.  I have turned my hand over to the Universe.  The Universe will provide.

I can do this!  I am good enough!



Upcoming Book: Attending Publishers Conference.

Remaining focused on my purpose, which is to help people remove the sruggle from their llfe and find their purpose, passion and power, I have now taken a new step forward

This weekend I am at a conference, meeting with publishers to discuss the arrangements for my first book to be published later this year with any luck, a whole lot of focus, direction and purpose.

It is a book about empowerment.  I will reveal the title to you shortly, as I firm up the details

The book is about my personal development journey and my desire to help others who find themselves where I once was.  “I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind but now I see.”  When you take this journey of self-discovery, you cannot help but want to give back, or pay it forward, as the case may be.  I am better now and I want to help others to become better

That is the premise of the book in a nutshell; I do not want to give up the juicy details until I arrange the layout, and set up the first draft.  Once I have something more to offer, you will know more.

For now, just know that this is happening.  This is REAL.

I am the author of the upcoming book on empowerment.  I am meeting with a publisher this weekend; at a conference discussing the details.  #publishabook; @gerryrobert

As these conferences go, I cannot share the details or the goings-on at this event.

One thing I have been encouraged to share however, is this;

When we (captain) tell oursleves that something is impossible, life (crew) makes sure it impossible.  Make every effort to change your mindset and make life possible.  Stop telling yourself that things are impossible or that life sucks or you just can’t do this or can’t afford that.  Whatever you believe, life will “make it so #1.

Change your mindest; visit,

Failure Equals Opportunity

The very first thing I want to tell you is that you have not been abandoned.  It is still my ultimate desire to help others find that confidence and power deep within themselves.  Each of us has the power within themselves to become a powerful force whether that be used for good or evil.


Our tagline remains the same;


Discover Your Purpose, Embrace Your Passion, Harness Your Power, Feel Your Pride!


In the DEN OF PRIDE we will always try to help you find what is right and good and help you discover those little things that everyone possess that make us beam with PRIDE.  I have taken that upon myself as my mission.


In the DEN OF PRIDE we aim to help others remove the struggle from their lives and find their true purpose through positive reinforcement and empowerment.  DEN OF PRIDE is a blog, Podcast and Community forum for support and positivity.


You might have noticed that the DEN OF PRIDE Podcast has not been published in many weeks.  We have taken a hiatus to get on the right track.  I continue to interview people on subjects of importance to those looking to find a better way that leads to their true path.  We are not gone forever, we are just temporarily away, recuperating and getting better.


I have failed, both you and myself in not honoring my commitment in posting valuable content for the betterment of others.  Now I could give up because I am a failure, as I would have in the past.  But if there is one thing I havve learned from my lesson, all these many years, it is that failure is just an opportunity.  It is an opportuinty to learn from my mistakes and become better.


I have been given a grand opportunity in that I have become aware of some of my failings:


  1.  I rushed into this by giving myself a commitment date that was not realistic.  It was barely over 2 months from the date I decided to launch DEN OF PRIDE as a podcast, unitl the date it hit the air.  I was not ready!
  2. I did not have enough content to offer my valued listeners and came up short and found myself wanting for interviews and recorded shows.
  3. I did not have the confidence that I was trying to demonstrate that all of us should possess.
  4. I was not prepared to offer you valued content myself.  I intended to offer up tales and wisdom of all of the valuable knowledge I have amassed through the recent years of my personal development journey, which by the way is never-ending.

Am I am fraud?  No!  I am a work in progress, as are we all.  I will keep working to become better as I encourage my listeners to always strive to become more.


“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”  ˜ Jim Rohn


I have failed, but I ahve gained invaluable insight into the workings of this business called personal development.   DEN OF PRIDE will be back (When? To Be Determined) and it will be stronger than ever.


Failure equals opportunity!




We are (NOT) LIVE!

I am still Proud!

This original article below was posted June 1, 2017.  It was posted when I launched our first episode of the DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST.  I have since recalled this LAUNCH.  I was not prepared and I rushed into it.  I was not seeing things clearly with all of the work involved in running a podcast.

My only thought at the time was to “Just Do It!”, as Nike suggests.  I wanted to commit myself to this project and take action.  This was new for me and I wanted to ensure I was committed, and I was.  I LAUNCHED DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST on June 1, 2017 as per my commitment.

However I was not ready and I apologize for appearing unprofessional.  I do want to be taken seriously, and I PROMISE a return of the DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST in the new year.

We are now committed to gaining experience and proper preparation before attempting a re-launch of the Podcast.  We are actively seeking new guests who have influence and authority in the field of personal development.

On the show DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST, we will discuss:


  • Discover your Purpose;
  • Embrace your Passion;
  • Harness your Power;
  • Express your Pride

How does your field or expertise apply to these subjects?  Are you interested in being a guest on our show?

Contact us at:


DEN OF PRIDE community forum is still up and running and I invite you to share your PRIDE here:

(Please note:  Article published June 1, 2017 has been retracted.)


I feel the PRIDE with the culmination of all I have worked for…in the DEN OF PRIDE!

Long awaited.  Highly anticipated…if only by me!  Den of Pride is officially a podcast.  We are a community dedicated to self improvement and personal development.

We offer ONLY positive encouragement and motivation for our fellow PRIDE members.

We exist to empower others to want more, be more, do more and become more.

Often people are oppressed, puched or kept down by those they love the most, who are acting in, “Your best interest”.  When in fact, as most people do, they are acting in their own best interest, because they don’t want you to get bigger then them, to be better then them.

In the Den of Pride we are equal and we encourage you and everyone around you to become more.  We hope to offer ways to help you manage that in others.  We want you to take your life into your own hands.

One of the first things I discovered on my journey of recovery was to take back the control over my own life, and by owning that and getting me back I was able to show others how to treat me.  I can show you to show others how to treat you.

There is much to learn and a long way to go.  It has taken me 5 years to get where I am.  Don’t expect instant results but if you do little things every day to become better than you were yesterday, you will become better than you are.  That is the main goal in life.  To become better today than you were yesterday and to be better tomorrow than you were today.

I am going to show you how to be confident in yourself…again, or for the first time if you might not have had that confidence to begin with.  Some never know just who they are and what they can do because they never reach just a little further.  You never know what you can do until you try.  TRY! TRY! TRY AGAIN!

My first couple of interviews in the Den of Pride Podcast stress that point.

Join us in the Den Of Pride!

Listen to our podcast here:

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