A Hard Decision to make…DOP Announcment!

That evolution came as a result of some hard decision making & it was not made easily, after all I have worked on & invested in this for over the past 2 years. It has used up to much of me…Time & Resources. It was also poor effort on my part. I did not show-up for this community.

To all of you who have supported DEN OF PRIDE through it’s growth, I am grateful & truly apprieciative. I hope you have made some strides to personal growth as a result of your time spent with us.

RJ Horner; Host & Curator will be shutting down DEN OF PRIDE. We will close it’s doors as of May 22, 2019. This website has run it’s course & the asset will not be renewed. It has been a wonderful learning & teaching experience & I now move on to the next phase of my journey.

Never fear, I will return. I now turn my focus to my own personal brand, building on my skills for the benefit of those who have a desire for betterment. I would like for you to meet The Man I have become. I have learned & grown into a passionate teacher & a thoughful leader. I will continue to share my journey of growth.

RJ Horner becomes The Man he was always meant to be. It is time to live the LIFE I’ve always wanted to live. I am taking people with me! I am carrying those willing to come along for the ride.

Life is strange. When you are handed a gift horse, don’t look it in the mouth, hop on board & run with it. I have been given that gift. I know my next steps & it requires my intense focus.

Today begins what is to be the better part of the LIFE of RJ Horner. I am on a mission. I am taking people along with me. Build BetterMENt along with ME!

Let me introduce to…


A Guide on YOUR Life Journey; Walking along with YOU through YOUR Personal Development Journey

RJ’s mission has evolved to include reaching the masses. It is time I take my mission & my message to the world.

BetterMENt of MANkind!

This mission is to build up mankind; working on myself & others who want to find Betterment!


Building Solid Structures to withstand the Force of Man!

I am working on my 1st published book. Working Title: Being “The Man”

This step is necessary for my growth as a teacher & to become a Better Man! Be a better part of the Universe. I can now just be better!

Stay Tuned: More to come from RJ Horner; LIFE MENTOR

Webinars, Summits, Mentor Interviews, YouTube & More

RJ Horner: Coaching Programs & Book Updates to come.

Want to know more?

RJ Horner can help YOU Live the LIFE YOU Always Wanted;

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email: connect@rjhorner.ca

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