Sean Douglas, DOP 2.0 Ep. 009

Guest: Sean Douglas

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Release Date:  June 29, 2018 

Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer, International Radio Show Host, Performance Enhancement Expert, and Author.  A suicide survivor who hit rock bottom with no purpose or passion, Sean believes that you were created for a purpose, and once you unlock your true potential, you will elevate your life.  This…is WHY, he founded The Success Corps.

In a highly interactive and engaging environment, utilizing online mentoring sessions and face to face workshops, Sean offers Life Transformation skills and Business Strategies to Millennials up to 50-year-old Professionals, Military Veterans, emerging Speakers and Entrepreneurs that will unlock their true potential and elevate them to new heights in their personal and professional lives.  Sean equips people with the tools necessary to live EPIC lives, and leaves people better equipped to manage change effectively. 

Considered an “Icon of Influence in the New Media Space”, Sean hosts the popular live online radio show, Life Transformation Radio, heard in over 46 countries and thousands of weekly listeners.

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Kay Sanders; DOP Ep. 008

Guest:  Kay Sanders

Episode #:  DOP 2.0, Ep. 008

Release Date:  June 29, 2018

Kay is an intuitive Business Coach, Mentor, Bestselling Author and known as the Creator of Possibilities. Join Sanders when she talks with RJ LIVE on Facebook. July 2 @ 11AM EST

Kay Sanders is an Intuitive Business Coach, Mindset Mentor, Bestselling Author, also known as the Creator of Possibilities.

Kay helps conscious entrepreneurs find that missing piece to create momentum in the Business & re-ignite their Manifesting Mojo so they can make a difference in the world, create more freedom In their life & tap into the magic & power of manifesting their hearts desire.

Kay incorporates here gifts to help clients create a strong mindset and implement effective systems & strategies to design and create the business of their dreams.

Her motto is “Everything is possible.” Which she also heavily incorporates into her own business and that of her clients to help them see all the amazing possibilities in life.  Kay truly believes that everyone, not only deserves, but can live a fulfilling life of success & possibilities.

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Reneau Peurifoy, DOP Ep. 007

Guest:  Reneau Peurifoy

Episode #:  dop 2.0:  eP. 007

Release Date:  June 29, 2018

 After more than two decades as a therapist and teacher, Reneau has become a master at reducing complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand terms and applying them to daily life. He is a minister for the Church of God based in Anderson, Indiana.

The author of several books:

Anxiety, Phobias, and Panic: Taking Charge and Conquering Fear,

Overcoming Anxiety: From Short-Term Fixes to Long-Term Recovery…and

Why Did God Give Us Emotions?


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Anger: Taming the Beast

Peurifoy’s work is embraced by many self-help groups and clinics addressing anxiety-related problems who have selected his books from among a host of others on the market as the basis for their programs.

Peurifoy has been a key feature speaker at 11 national conferences for The Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA), the nation’s primary organization for anxiety-related problems.  He is also a frequent media commentator, having appeared extensively on dozens of television and radio outlets.

The first edition of Anger: Taming the Beast, was published by Kodansha, a Japanese based publisher that was expanding into the self-help genre. In recent years they decided to pull out of that market, so he saw this as a perfect opportunity to update and re-release it as new second edition published by LifeSkills.

Reneau held a private practice for twenty years as a marriage and family therapist specializing in anxiety disorders. He retired from private practice in 2000 to teach at a local College in Sacramento, California. In 2015, he retired from teaching and received a ministerial credential from the Church of God headquartered in Anderson, Indiana. He is now spending his time writing, speaking, and seeing a limited number of people with anxiety-related problems as a pastoral counselor. He has also developed a YouTube channel (listed below) that features videos on practical life skills. In this way he hopes to share his insights and experience with a new generation.

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JUNE 29, 2018




It is a day I have been preparing for; I have been working on; working in the business of personal development for more than a couple of years.  This adventure is coming to it’s climax.  I am about to LAUNCH!  27 Days & counting down.

DEN OF PRIDE!  A community for the development of individuals & society as a direct benefit.  The better you become, the better we ALL become.  By you I mean the millions of people who strive to become better everyday.

That is the only purpose of society…to become better.  Do Better today than you did yesterday & strive to be better tomorrow than you are today.

If you strive to become the better YOU!  YOU BECOME A BETTER YOU!



  • UBU
  • The PASSION to truly LIVE!
  • The POWER to be YOU!
  • The PRIDE to own YOU!

I am planning some special things for our DEN OF PRIDE; LONG WEEKEND, LIVE LAUNCH on Canada Day Long Weekend.

JUNE 29 – JULY 2


* Live interviews

* Webinar

* Man on Street.


Want to become better? Want to become more? Want to feel better & stronger, more capable?

DEN OF PRIDE can help with that

Join the PRIDE!


FB Community:

What will you learn in the PRIDE!

– Balanced LIVING…Mind, Body & Soul.

– Education, Knowledge, Training…

  • Self directed,
  • Purpose driven
  • Passionately pursued

…Bring fortune & success.

– Your Life, Lived Your Way = Your Happiness!


– Change is inevitable, resistance is futile!  The PRIDE will show you why!

– Failure only happens when you give up!

–  Leadership; Self & others; win-win.

What will you become in the PRIDE?

– Become YOU!

– A Better YOU, Daily!

–  A confident, more capable you!

– A trusting & believing you!

–  Member/belonging to a community/PRIDE

–  Strong Leader

  • In the PRIDE
  • In your community


In the DEN OF PRIDE we have no competition.  It’s a WIN-WIN for ALL!

(Details to follow)



10 Days to LAUNCH

Here we are 10 Days from the RE-LAUNCH of the DEN OF PRIDE Podcast.



A reboot, an upgraded version. of the original

Today we discuss the 5 W’s of DEN OF PRIDE.


RJ Horner; Host & Curator in the Den of Pride.

I am RJ Horner, curator of wisdom.  I bring you not only the wisdom I have amassed, but that which our guest experts have gained through their journey.


Den of Pride is a interactive & supportive Community for Personal Development focused on building Confidence & PRIDE.  We see too many people who are not satisfied with the life they are living or just unhappy with their lot in life.  Not knowing or realizing that they are the cause of this mosfortune.

DEN OF PRIDE’s mission:  Inspire Change, Empower Growth, Deliver Value


DEN OF PRIDE is just 10 days away from the FB LIVE LAUNCH WEEKEND!  From June 29 – July 2, we ill be hosting FB LIVE Promo Interviews with our Guest Experts.  Stay Tuned in the Den Of Pride FB Group for that Schedule.

After June 29, you will receive a new episode every Friday to download over the weekend to take with you each week.  DEN OF PRIDE PODCAST IS released Every Friday, 1 per week.

Where?  You can find DEN OF PRIDE Podcast in iTunes.  You can find the DEN OF PRIDE Community in the FB Group, which can be found by seaching DEN OF PRIDE on FB.  You can find our blog, podcast, A/V lessons & Podcast Interviews on our website;


Why did we create DEN OF PRIDE?

I find that too many people are lacking & wanting more.  They do not often realize the reason for their state.  They are not aware they have a problem or perhaps if they do, not what that problem is.  They blame outside, unseen forces for their circumstances, yet the first thing they must realize is; they are the problem or at least responsible for it.

I find the number 1 thing that prevents people from beingall that they want is a lack of confidence or a belief in their abilities.  DEN OF PRIDE was created to instill the believe that you are more, you are the only one who can be you, you are theo only one living your life.  You are 100% responsible for who you are.


We will delvier our messages through our…

  • Podcast, with Solo & Guest Interviews
  • Blog with informative advice and guidance
  • A/V Lessons
  • Coaching & Mentors (Coming Soon)

Join the PRIDE:

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